Kon kon minna!
I don't post a lot in the JE communities but I love JE especially NEWS!
I like 手越祐也
There isn't really much to see in my LJ but I hope you'll appreciate the things I'll post...
And by the way, a lot of my posts are locked when it comes to my personal life. :3
At least some useful posts you'll find in my LJ are mobile tones, pic spams and a few updates about NEWS that I may find somewhere besides LJ. :3
I also upload some mp3s by the way.
So if you'd also like to add me, you may introduce in this thread first...

I would also like to credit okimiyage for the wonderful lay-out.
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じゃああとで~ X3

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Welcome Year 2010! 

Hope year 2010 would be a good one. I remember all those silly predictions regarding year 2009 last year that stupidly happened. I wish everyone a prosperous New Year. Let's stay away from the silly disaster predictions again. LOL. 

Moreover, let's believe in the good our hearts would encounter this coming year. 
Change starts within so let's all make a SMART New Year's resolution. 

Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Realistic. Time-bounded.
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Official Site:

I bet you Hirai Ken's the one singing in the official site and the trailer located below. I knew it, it's his voice. LOL. XD

I've read this manga months before and I got to read the latest scanlations whenever it gets updated and I can say this manga touched my heart. You know what? Because it gets so painful when the guy suppresses his feelings just because of his disease. Since this has mature uhmm... You know... In the manga. I still believe it has a beutiful story.

It was shown October this year and people are waiting for the DVD so they'll be able to watch it.

Look out guys! ^^

Oh yeah, Inoue Mao and the girl who acted out Yamada in Hachimitsu to Clover drama is in this too. The guy who'll act out Takuma seems familiar but I couldn't remember where I have seen him act before.

Here's the TRAILER. It also has the "Teaser" there but you could just look for it in Youtube. ^^

credits: renixvsxiner@youtube

Happy Holidays!

Everything I typed just went blank. SO STUPID. The mood just got ruined.
And I thought I would've gone over to 4 pages or so already. STUPID. ARGH!!!



I miss fangirling stuff. No matter what I couldn't stop it even if I'm already not updated and stuff. Fangirling is a part of me. Speaking of updated I only watched the DVDs that I bought and the PVs in NWPD but other than that I've missed a lot of things.

I'm so lazy to even go to the bank. I already have the money to pay my last debts to Ate Katya but I just couldn't get myself out of the neighborhood. And it's so bothersome since this weeks was spent taking care of the kids. Ate Katya~~~ weee~ I'll get to pay off my last debts. Yay!

3 goals:
1. Get better in volleyball coz it's shameful to be nearly failing a PE class instead of a major subject
2. Learn to play guitar coz Mom got me a tutorial set for a low price. Not lessons but a tutorial set. I prefer self study stuff/
3. Go on a DIET. Coz I don't want to be teased by brother who just lost 8 inches.

By this minute, uncle's probably aboard the plane for Saudi Arabia since he'll be working there for a few years. Or so.

I go off missing people suddenly after the non-communicating mode for weeks.
Speaking of the non-communicating mode, I really got lots of swing moods during these past weeks.

>not touching the phone for at least 2 to 3 days
>will touch it for more or less a minute and will reply on an important message then leave it again
>not even aware where the mobile phone was anymore
>open the PC without opening YM
>open the PC for the sole purpose of reading mangas and watching anime


Hope there are no more new year stupid predictions like if it will be lucky or not. They mentioned something about 2009 having disasters last year and it really happened. Stupid. So stupid to even believe it but it's so stupid it even happened. Be it personal or a country matter, a lot happened this year. Hope this coming year would be a better one.

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College Students, Give Justice

I realized something today. I thought that in College, people make their informed decisions about life. As to that, I expect that they would make a choice that'll benefit them and make them happy. Who would go on living a life when you don't even love what you're doing. That's why we get to choose our courses.

I want to see people and coordinate with people who are passionate about their work. That's not what I'm getting right now. I see a lot of people in the batch who are only taking everything lightly. That's because they're not motivated. It feels just like high school. Of course there are things that you want and you don't want to do since we're all studying general subjects. There are those that you hate and there are those that you love. Therefore, in college, you make a choice so that you could go on. 

Normally you would work hard for something that you aspire for. If you're being forced to study that course or whatever, you wouldn't be motivated. That would go extreme for someone who even hates that particular course.

Please, to give justice to the course and to yourself. Don't be afraid to shift.

Just make sure that you're doing what you love. The dignity of the course would be destroyed if unmotivated people are working towards it. Of course, you would only have bad records too if you wouldn't even mind to strive working hard enough to finish that certain course.

I myself felt bad if I would go unmotivated in school works because I chose this course myself. However, I would get more motivated if I work with people who share the same interests right? since they love the course that they're taking.

I got to say this since I remembered Kim and Nao. I also love Japanese stuff and the two of them are taking international studies major in Japanese. I see how much interested they are in their course and how motivated they are to learn and improve their skills. That's not how I see the people around me.

Assess the situation:
Nurses are in demand on America and a lot of students are choosing it in order to earn more money for their family. Poverty is inevitable in the Philippines. A lot of students are being forced by their own will and by their parents to take this course so that they could work abroad.

Money is the motivation.

BUT! There are lots of other ways to earn money through other professions too.

Also money isn't that great of a motivation. Believe me.
It would be better if your aspirations and dreams is your motivation.

Or perhaps if you would speak of natural selection and means of survival, money is essential. A lot of people became successful because they are working with money as their motivation. However, pure motivation through means of money is destructive. If it comes with familial love then it's fine. If it comes in order to be a means of protecting something important to you then it's fine. But you must not be forced by other people just so you would work for money. You must have a valid reason. We're talking about your life here.

Let's say that your aspiration and childhood dream is your motivation. People could say that you have a lot of dreams so you don't need this course. People could also say that since aspirations and dreams are SUBJECTIVE, you could change it anytime! I have no other advice to you than: 

"Is that what you think is most suitable for you? If it would make you happy then go ahead. But I myself always make sure that I don't give up. If you think you're reason is valid and that you didn't just run from this particular dream then please be happy with the one you'll be pursuing right now. Only you can choose how you will live your life."

Advice with regards to parents. Find a way to persuade them, don't be disrespectful, don't be ungrateful. They are the ones whom this life is forever indebted with. Show them that their child would live happily and can only be useful to the world like this. LOL. Joke. You're the ones who know your parents best so you should know what to do. Defend your argument. If you'd say yes to them not only have you lost in the argument but you have lost in protecting your life.

In any case, just make sure that you give justice. Don't do things half-heartedly. It sucks. 


金色のコルダ-secondo passo- 主題曲: 蒼穹のスコア-The Score in Blue-


So here goes the "THE SCORE IN BLUE"

I wasn't able to keep up with La Corda D'Oro for such a long time now. This was the first I heard this new song from the second passo and as expected, another GREAT SONG by Stella Quintet. 

Oh yeah, They're not just Stella Quintet now. They're already Stella Quintet+ 455

Tsukimori Len - Taniyama Kishou
Tsuchiura Ryutaro - Kentaro Itou
Shimizu Keiichi - Fukuyama Jun
Hihara Kazuki - Morita Masakazu 266
Yunoki Azuma - Daisuke Kishio
+Kaji Aoi - Miyano Mamoru

TRIVIA: I just found out that Miyano Mamoru is already married.

Pls. support by buying! 461326
(Unfortunately, I was unable to buy though... But I saw the real thing since my friend bought one. Yay!)


01 蒼穹のスコア -The Score in blue- (4'30) [MU]
02 蒼穹のスコア -The Score in blue- (TV Version) (1'30) 
03 蒼穹のスコア -The Score in blue- (Violin & Piano & Viola Version)(5'34) 
04 蒼穹のスコア -The Score in blue- (Instrumental) (4'30)

ripped by: icemarle

I won't be posting rips of the other tracks. Surely, someone will rip it sooner or later anyway. Pls. credit if taking.

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Cooshies coin purse

My friend has been selling these coin purse. I have no intention of selling it to everyone here. I just wanted to ask my real live friends if they want to buy one so that I could buy it for them. :3


Expected time of arrival: July 25 - 27 (latest)

Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
If opened about 1.5" in height so you can stack in more coins!

again let me say this: I have no intention of selling it to everyone here.

As for my friends whom I've pm-ed about this contact me if you want it since I would also be buying.
If I know you personally though, you could tell me if you also want to buy one. ^^

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         This is how it looks inside. Cute right?

   And this is the Michael Jackson tribute. LOL. XD</div>


Osamaki Love! ^o^

Lol, in the first place I think I've got to ask you something. Is the name combination weird?

Osamaki Love stands for OSAMU MUKAI and HORIKITA MAKI.

Osamu Mukai + Horikita Maki = OSAMAKI
Or is MUKI better?


Disregard the title now. Hahahahaha...

This is all due to the recent episode of アタシンチの男子 I have watched. Episode 8.
Do you guys know what happens during FULL MOON? Kyaaa~
osamaki love 2
[This is really not just due to the full moon though. I don't want to spoil you.]


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July 2009 J-drama (NEWS)

毎週月曜日 21:00~ *7月スタート

Fuji TV Buzzer・Beat~Gakkepuchi no Hero Critical Point's Hero (Temporary)」
【Yamashita Tomohisa】
Every Monday 21:00~ *July (Start)

毎週金曜日 22:00~ *7月スタート

TBS ORUTO ROSU no inu Dog's Ortho Loss (?) (Temporary)」
【Nishikido Ryo】
Every Friday 22:00~ *July (Start)

I actually don't get this title. I don't know what they mean by Ortho Loss.

Source: Johnny's Entertainment Official Web Site

Tegomass new release

This is so sudden or perhaps it really isn't. I've noticed that tegomass always have new releases around this time of the year but I just bought 恋のABO. I will be broke now.

Thank You for buying 恋のABO for me Kim Kim! Thank you so much!

See Official Site

: 『テゴマスのうた』 Tegomass no Uta
Release Date: July 15, 2009

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Single: 『七夕祭り』 Tanabata Matsuri
Release Date: July 8, 2009

Collapse )


The new single will be released in 4 versions. 2 japanese and 2 swedish version.
Shoot! This is one big release tegomass. Can you wait for me to save money first?
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